Introduction to Weaving with Truus Radin



The weaving class offers a unique opportunity to create pieces of art using a loom and a variety of yarns. Beginners will learn how to plan a project from start to finish. Students must incorporate the concepts of color, texture, pattern, and size in order to plan each project. They will wind a warp, dress the loom, and of course, weave. The emphasis of the course is learning by doing. Most students will by weaving on the loom by the end of the first day. Truus will be available at all times for consultation and encouragement. Come learn this traditional, important, and imaginative craft!

About the teacher:

Brought up on a farm on an island in the SW Delta of the Netherlands, Truus Radin graduated from the School of Social Work in Amsterdam. In the early 70’s she was initiated into weaving by Adele Akers, a well-known weaver in New York City, who also introduced her to Peter Collingwood’s rug-weaving techniques. Truus later took a workshop with his son, Jason. After that she spent a summer at the Penland School of Crafts in intense weaving workshops. During her more than 30 years at the Rochester Folk Art Guild, Truus has participated in every aspect of fiber arts, from herding sheep to spinning, dyeing, knitting and weaving the wool. Her finished work includes jackets, shawls, scarves, ponchos, hats and small rugs.

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