Exploring Woodturning: A Workshop with David Barnet



A huge interest in turning wood has developed in recent years. Woodturning is on a creative wave, similar to that of studio pottery 15 years ago. Responding to this phenomenon, the Guild Woodshop is offering an in-depth green woodturning workshop that will take the participant further into this rewarding form during the Craft Weekend. Each participant will work on an individual lathe and course content will be tailored to experience level. The emphasis will be on vessels; a beginner with no prior experience can fashion a functional bowl from a rough blank by the end of the first class. From there, questions of form, proportion and design will arise. An advanced turner will be able to go further into refinement of technique, stock preparation, various positions for holding work, and sharpening and finishing questions.

David Barnet has been a full-time woodworker since 1975, when he began his apprenticeship with the Rochester Folk Art Guild. The woodshop has been an essential feature of the Guild’s spring and fall exhibitions in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. In addition, Barnet has shown his work at the Renwick Gallery in Washinton, D.C., which is the American art branch of the Smithsonian Institute, and in New York, Ohio, and Massachusetts. He has been a teacher of woodturning, participating in workshops with other masters, for many years.

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