Writing Poetry: A Workshop with Kate Sorbara



“…that which you fear, being a soul and unable to speak…”

On the principle of William Blake’s admonition to “see the world in a grain of sand,” we will sometimes attend close to the wealth of sensory details at the Farm, indoors and out; sometimes to the limits of the cosmos and beyond, to ponder in verse the great metaphysical questions, sometimes trying to embrace in a single poem both the close-up and the far out. No experience is necessary. Every poem will be a new beginning for us all. Bring your favorite pen and a notebook with a stiff cover, in case we write outdoors.

“The soul is still alive
and will bubble up again
among friends.”

14312Kate Sorbara is a mother and a grandmother, a farmer, a gardener and a lover of rivers. She has been attending writing groups for twenty years, sometimes organizing them and sometimes being organized. Either way, she believes in their magic.

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