Timeless Design in Natural Fibers
Fashions for Every Woman

Natural Fiber Clothing Designs is a studio of the Rochester Folk Art Guild based at East Hill Farm on Upper Hill outside of Middlesex, NY. Clothing design and sewing is one of the crafts which has been flourishing at the Folk Art Guild for over fifty years.  The individual craftspeople who work in the studio have changed over the years but traditions surrounding the making of clothing have been passed down and are honored today.

We use natural fiber fabrics for all of the clothes we make  – 100% hemp, various hemp blends, as well as wool, silk, rayon, linen and cotton. We are inspired by vintage and antique textiles from cultures around the world and gather them for use in the garments. We may embellish a piece with hand embroidery stitches or hand-dyeing methods which we have studied.  In recent years we have occasionally included some up-cycled pieces in our offerings.  We have created accessories and garments from old woolen sweaters and disassembled vintage items reclaiming their fabrics for use in new items.

We’ve refined our designs over time so that they flatter many different body types and function well for women with varying lifestyles.  We support the movement toward making, selling and buying clothing with a sustainable source.  We want the garments that come out of the studio at the Folk Art Guild to last and give the wearer enjoyment for years to come. We strive for timeless designs that will transcend fashion trends.

Every item is made one at a time, with care and attention to detail.

Since many of our garments are one-of-a-kind we do not list them for sale individually online but instead encourage you to communicate your interests and questions to us via email or phone – clothingdesign@folkartguild.org or Linda @ 585-739-0910.  We will discuss with you what is currently available in a particular style and can send fabric swatches and or photos. We will work with you to select the best size if you are not familiar with our clothing designs. Items in stock can be shipped in 2-3 days other pieces made to order within 2-6 weeks.

See examples of our work in the Online Portfolio Gallery

Sewing Montage from Julia Welbourne on Vimeo.