Weaving Studio

The weaving studio is located in a spacious second-floor area in a building which overlooks the fields and gardens at the Folk Art Guild. The studio is well lit during the day with the natural light coming through the many windows on the north, west, and east side of the room. Large and small floor looms fit comfortably into the studio, so we are usually working on more than one project at the same time. Someone may be weaving a large rug, at the same time someone else is weaving the material for one of our very practical and popular ponchos.


We weave mostly with natural and handmade fibers such as wool, silk, cotton, mohair, bamboo, tencel, and rayon. Using only these materials, each piece begins with endless possibilities. The textures, the colors, the combinations of natural and handmade fibers present us with a chance to explore weaving as a craft and art form. Each piece is an expression of the weaver’s own individual style, which makes every finished piece unique, one-of-a-kind. We may weave scarves or blankets which are similar, but they are never exactly the same. This is why for all custom orders we work closely with you to choose just the right colors and patterns in the beginning, so at the end you’re completely satisfied and happy with your order. (To be sure your weaving is exactly what you want, we email you a picture of the finished piece before shipping your order.)


Private weaving lessons are available year round. Weaving classes are held during the Folk Art Guild’s Craft Weekend and occasionally at other times during the year. Please call the Folk Art Guild for more information if you’re interested in the art and craft of weaving.

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