Apprenticeships & Internships


Guild apprenticeships are designed for people searching for a practical, hands-on approach to learning and living. We are looking for people who are open, love to learn, are willing to take direction and work creatively as a member of a group, and who are ready to fulfil the needs of the community wherever and whenever they arise. Currently a focus in Pottery, Woodworking or Wooden Boat Restoration is being offered.

Apprentices take part in the daily life of the community, sharing in meal preparation, cleaning, maintenance, farming and gardening as well as the seasonal celebrations and numerous special events. Study of the Gurdjieff teaching is available but not required. Participation in this side of Guild life is up to each individual.

Guild apprenticeships are awarded after a series of trial visits and require a commitment of at least one year. The first visit is typically for 2 or 3 days, after which visits of 2-3 weeks are arranged if it is decided to proceed further. A final decision is made based on these visits. Apprenticeships can be renewed annually for up to three years at the discretion of the Guild community and studio director. Availability and starting dates vary and are arranged with the directors of each studio. Evaluation of progress in both craft and community life is done on a regular basis.

Most apprentices live in our community in Middlesex, although there is the option to live nearby if you wish. The fee for the initial visit is $40/day and for the second visit $175/week. A resident apprentice typically pays $600/month to offset living expenses, costs of craft training and raw materials. A limited number of scholarships are available each year. Non resident fees are adjusted accordingly. Fees are usually reduced as an apprentice becomes an economically contributing member of the Guild.

How to apply

Write a letter telling us about yourself. What are you searching for? What do you wish to learn? Why do you wish to try the experience of the Folk Art Guild? Include educational and work experiences and two letters of recommendation. Resumes, slides and portfolios are appreciated but not required. Trial visits and tuition fees are arranged before any final decision is made. E-mail your information to us at:


For those interested in shorter stays at the Guild, internships are offered. Application procedures include a letter as described above, and at least one trial visit to acquaint the applicant with our internship program and community.

Internships vary in content, length and availability. Though work as helpers in craft shops is usually part of an internship, those seeking serious training in a craft should apply for our apprenticeship program. The fee is $175/week for interns living at the Guild. Those living elsewhere may inquire concerning an adjustment. As with apprenticeships, a limited number of scholarships are available each year.

Summer Internships in Community Life.

Interns in this program will work alongside Guild members in the areas of organic gardening, orchards, cooking, food preservation and storage. Although work in craft areas may be included, the emphasis will be on agriculture. This program will begin May 15 and end August 15, with allowance for individual circumstances. Fee is $175/week for living expenses and training.


Some scholarships are available, please ask for details.