Pottery Residency Program

The Rochester Folk Art Guild Residency Program provides the opportunity for a functional potter to enjoy a large, spacious, and well equipped studio and kiln shed with other potters.  The program gives the experience of participating in a working studio before the potter invests in kilns and other equipment.  For already established potters, the Residency Program provides a chance to work in a different setting.In exchange for 15 hours of support work a week, the resident artist receives studio space, materials, and firing in our high fired reduction propane gas kilns (porcelain clay is extra).
The 15 hours of work will include clay and glaze making, loading kilns, cleaning the studio, and throwing a line of pottery which can be sold as part of the Guild’s production.  In exchange for assisting during Guild exhibitions and shows, the resident potter’s own work can be displayed and sold during the show.We recommend visiting the Guild before applying for this program.  While the experience is designed for a functional potter, the wish to contribute in a caring way to life in a community of craftspeople is more important than the achieved skill level in pottery.  Interest in, or the taking advantage of the opportunity to study the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff at the Guild is completely voluntary.  Being sensitive to this inner search by others who live and work at the Guild is important for participating in this Residency Program.

If you’re interested in applying for, or learning more about the Residency Program in Pottery, please give us a call to arrange for a visit.  If you live too far from us to be able to visit the Guild, before applying for the Program, please either call or email us to let us know about your interest, then send us an application which you can view and print out by clicking here (pdf reader required).

If you prefer, you can submit the application online, by CLICKING HERE

phone calls between  9 am –  4 pm EST
phone: 585-554-5463
email: Pottery