Rochester Folk Art Guild Woodshop

In 1967, Guild members built the Woodshop soon after purchasing East Hill Farm.

We salvaged old barns in the local area. Original members brought the barns by beam and board across the valley and reassembled them. From there all of the other workshops were generated.

From the outset, individuals have pursued the branch of the craft that interests them. Some have specialized in finding and making toys from folk traditions of all nations, others handcraft hardwood furniture and accessories made on commission and on speculation, and others catch the bug to turn wood on the lathe, both decorative pieces and functional ware, sometimes from historic local trees.

In all aspects of the craft, the woodworkers strive to work with care and attention: How can we work quickly and intelligently at the same time? All parts of a person are called, the mind, the body, and the heart. This coming together is special, and rare, and when it occurs we become part of the greater process. It is truly then not me alone doing the work, I am participating in the continuous thread of this craft tradition.

Many apprentices come to the Guild for training. We emphasize the use of hand tools and skills whenever it is practical. This develops competence even when the power goes out. People in the area come frequently for classes in woodturning, which are arranged by appointment. See education for more information on workshops and classes.

You can find craftwork from the Woodshop displayed at the Guild’s major seasonal exhibitions (Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse), at Open House at East Hill Farm, and all summer in the East Hill Gallery. All of our woodworking can be seen and purchased in our store, and the schedule for our regional exhibits can be viewed at the Calendar of Events.

Woodturning Classes

Contact David Barnet at the Rochester Folk Art Guild Woodshop

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